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  • New cogeneration plants.

    Cogeneration is a proven technology, able to achieve the combined production of heat and electricity in a single process and directly at the user's site, for both industrial and residential uses.
    Cogeneration consists in producing electricity and heat starting from the same energy contained in the fuel (natural gas, bio-gas, etc..), allowing a more efficient and less wasteful use of it. A cogeneration plant operates using a gas-powered endothermic engine from which the heat released from the combustion and from the rotating motion of an alternator is recovered to satisfy thermal energies and to produce electricity.
    A single source of energy (natural gas or biogas) to obtain heat and electricity.
    The installation of the cogenerator at your location allows to have a saving of primary energy consumption by 30-40%.
    The technical concept underlying the cogeneration involves a more rational use of the primary fuel also through an efficient recovery of the thermal content of exhaust fumes.

Our Main Services


    Electric panels, cabins and installations, designed for various industrial operations. These are the main achievements of Rh Engineering srls. Expert in automation and electric systems destined to even complex industrial functions.
    Rh Engineering srls deals with the design, construction and installation of lighting systems and electric plants.


    Realization of electrical automation in high quality residential contexts. Considered nowadays the new advanced technology to be installed in civil residential constructions, domotic allows to obtain advanced and amazing features both in aesthetic terms and in terms of technology, making it possible to monitor and manage remotely via tablet, PC or smartphone. In collaboration with ThinkSimple, Rh Engineering uses italian technology (Vitrum brand).


    Realization of electric distribution and automation panels of all shapes and sizes for industrial and residential tertiary applications.


    Design and installation of industrial and residential electric systems, study of illuminating engineering, security and control installations, cogeneration plants, also integrating them in support of any existing systems that already use renewable energy sources.


    We offer technical advice to companies, in order to solve any problems relating to electrical systems in general.